Enfant expatrié ? Bilingue ?

Nous offrons un programme de soutien en français pour les enfants francophones ou francophiles en expatriation ou avec un niveau de français avancé.


Expatriate child? Bilingual ?

We offer a French support program for francophone or francophile children or children with an advanced level of French.

Program Details

The approach is project based. Children develop and expand their French foundation through individual and group projects combining reading, writing, research, analysis, synthesis and presentation skills. Projects are selected based on the child’s interest using a unique project identification process.

Children can sign up and attend one or multiple classes weekly for a minimum of 3 months and up to a full school calendar year.


Thanks to the program’s format we accept children throughout the year.

Children learning French

The program requires a very advanced level of French. An evaluation of the child’s level is performed prior to enrollment. Classes are small with 8 students maximum and run for 90 minutes.

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a 10% sibling discount may apply. Call us for details.
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