French Classes and Culture in Katy, West Houston.

Learn French

French is a great language to speak and a true asset in today’s world. Learning should be fun and rewarding, but it is often reduced to grammar and outdated books and irrelevant topics.

Our approach is different. We combine language classes and programs with cultural events and workshops to provide a true immersion in a small French home here in Katy, Texas, just outside Houston.

We develop your listening and speaking abilities first. You learn through activities, discussions, and role-playing games to help you become confident. You participate to cultural events to immerse and discover the culture behind the language.

Discover France

Our cultural members and students learn how to make their own French baguette or discover regions and traditions of France. We offer several cultural events and workshops monthly, touching on everything from cuisine to traditions and history.

Join in on our French mornings or French movie nights and social events to immerse yourself further.

Parties, corporate meetings

We organize themed parties for adults and children as well as host corporate events and workshops: brainstorming sessions, team buildings or planning meetings. Get out of the office and come to a one acre French cultural center with indoor and outdoor activities.

French event

Axelle Bouleau, Founder.

Mr. Sujiro Seam, Consul Général de France.

Mrs. Axelle Bouleau, M.A. in Linguistic from SOAS London, is a professional linguist who has taught French and Mandarin to students – adults and children – around the world from Dubai to London. She is the founder of Bonjour & Bienvenue and the inventor of the J’apprends (I learn) approach used in all our classes. Mom of 3 bilingual children she has experienced first hand the challenges that lie ahead of anyone’s journey in learning a new language.

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